By Admin July 8, 2024

How to Turn Videos into Viral Shorts Using AI

A tripod, gimbal, and your phone camera – that’s all it takes for you to create the next viral sensation on YouTube or TikTok. Isn’t it incredible how video shorts have become such a mainstream form of everyday content creation?  

Short-form video platforms allow anyone’s voice to be heard. You don’t need a huge following or professional production value to go viral. Creativity and a captivating idea can propel you to internet fame.

What makes video shorts so interesting and intriguing to watch? 

Shorts (usually between 5 seconds to 30 seconds) have since become an integral content form and are being deployed to pass messages across the internet and social media platforms. 

Viewers today are bombarded with content, and capturing their attention requires a more efficient approach. Viral video shorts perfectly address this need by delivering concentrated doses of entertainment, information, or inspiration in bite-sized packages.

Studies suggest a potential decrease in our ability to focus for extended periods. A 2015 Microsoft study, for instance, indicated that the average human attention span has shrunk from 12 seconds in 2000 to a mere 8 seconds, akin to that of a goldfish.

However, some experts argue against such findings. Dr. Daniel Levitin, author of “The Organized Mind,” suggests that our attention hasn’t necessarily weakened; it’s simply become more selective in a world overflowing with information. We’ve become adept at filtering out irrelevant stimuli and focusing on things that grab our immediate interest.

The exact cause might be up for discussion, but there’s no denying it: short-form videos have become top content today. 

Impact of Shorts on Youtube

Recognizing the shift in user behavior, YouTube launched its own short-form video platform – YouTube Shorts. Integrated seamlessly within the existing YouTube ecosystem, Shorts allows creators to leverage their established audience while tapping into the power of short-form content.

A 2023 YouTube report revealed that the watch time for short-form content on YouTube Shorts has surpassed the watch time for long-form videos on the platform for the first time ever. This signifies a significant shift in user behavior and highlights the growing popularity of short-form video within YouTube itself.

How to Turn Videos into Viral Shorts Using AI 

Short-form video isn’t just about creators and platforms; it’s also about technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in this space, with tools like Klap App emerging as valuable assets for content creators. Klap App, for example, utilizes AI to streamline the process of creating viral video shorts. 

3 Ways to Transform Videos into Viral Shorts Using AI (Klap App as a Case Study) 

1. Upload to Video: Get started by uploading your YouTube video to Klap. Simply paste the YouTube link directly, or upload the video file itself.

2. Customize Your Short: Adjust the settings according to your preferences, including cropping, adding dynamic captions, removing unwanted segments, cutting out silences, enhancing audio quality, and inserting emojis.

3. Generate Your Short: Once you’ve customized your short to perfection, click “Generate.” Klap App’s AI will then transform your video into a captivating short optimized for maximum engagement and virality.

Click here to see more tools like this. 

Why Short-Form Video Outshines Long-Form Content

The popularity of short-form video goes beyond just adapting to our fragmented attention. Several key advantages make them incredibly appealing for both creators and viewers:

1. Accessibility: Creating and consuming short-form videos is effortless. Anyone with a smartphone can be a content creator, and viewers can find endless entertainment with just a few swipes.

2. Engagement: Remember we talked about a rising short attention span? Short videos are inherently more engaging due to their fast-paced nature. The constant change of scene and quick delivery keep viewers hooked, minimizing the risk of losing their interest.

3. Memorable Content: Short videos are perfect for quick information bites. Want a recipe tutorial? A life hack? A funny animal compilation? Shorts deliver that satisfaction in a convenient, time-efficient format.

4. Discovery and Virality: Short-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels prioritize discoverability. With clever hashtags and engaging content, creators can reach a vast audience organically and potentially go viral.

5. Experimentation and Iteration: The shorter format allows creators to experiment with different concepts and styles without a significant time investment. This freedom fosters innovation and helps creators refine their content based on audience response.

Advantages of using AI to Create Video Shorts 

1. Content Repurposing: They save creators valuable time and resources by repurposing existing content into short-form videos, expanding their reach and audience.

2. Identifying Trends: AI can analyze trending topics and user behaviour, suggesting themes and formats for creators to capitalize on current trends.

3. Optimisation for Engagement: AI can help optimize short videos for maximum engagement by analyzing user data and suggesting edits that enhance pacing, add captions, and optimize for different platforms.

4. Automated Content Curation: AI can analyze long-form videos, automatically identifying the most engaging or humorous moments. This allows creators to quickly turn existing content into bite-sized shorts, maximizing the value they extract from their work.

5. AI-Powered Editing: AI-powered tools offers can add transitions, text overlays, and music to create polished short-form videos in minutes. This eliminates the need for complex editing software, making content creation more accessible and efficient.

6. Viral Potential Analysis: Some AI-powered tools can analyze elements within a short video and predict their potential for virality based on trends and audience preferences. This allows creators to refine their content and optimize their chances of going viral.

These AI-powered tools are just the beginning. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more sophisticated features that will further empower creators and disrupt the short-form video landscape.